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Wine(s) of the Week – time for winter whites

A snowy winter weekend is a good time to celebrate winter whites! Think clean, crisp and delicious – meant for sipping as you watch the snow fall outside your windows.
We love the wines of Portugal and Herdade d’Esporão doesn’t disappoint. Monte Velho 2013 is the result of a long, wet spring and dry summer months. Fermented in stainless steel tanks with temperature control, it had an early bottling.
The wine is 3.5% ABV and won two silver medals.

This is a well balanced wine with a long, aromatic fruit finish from three varietals, Antao, Perrum and Roupeiro. The finish is citrusy and the color, pale straw. It’s moderately priced – mid-teens – and makes a great addition to wine by the glass lists.

From our own West Coast in California’s Carmel Valley, Holman Ranch‘s Pint Gris 2013 Estate Grown is made with  organically grown grapes from the ranch which has been producing wines since 1928.
This particular white is priced in the high teens and is 12.5% ABV. Fresh and fruity, it makes a welcome addition to the dinner table or by the glass with its bright acidity. The climate here, is ideal for Pinot Gris, with  the warmth of the inland valley and a cooling marine layer that create an ideal microclimate.


Wine of the Week – Mud House Pinot Gris 2012

Mud House, maker of sustainable wines from three regions of New Zealand, won a silver medal for this beautifully balanced, delicious Pinot Gris in the Spiegalau International Wine Competition this year.
The winery focuses on the earth and also won best overall New Zealand wines in the Japan Wine Challenge. This Pinot Gris has distinctive spice notes that distinguish it from many others.
Juicy with flavors of pear and quince, this wine’s acidity distinguishes it from other Pinot Gris offerings. Fifty percent of the grapes are from New Zealand’s Waipara Valley with the remainder coming from the two other wine growing regions.
Mud House has a new reduced weight bottle for its wines, reducing its environmental and social footprint. Visit http://mudhousewines.co.nz

Willm Alsace Pinot Gris 2011

If you like your Pinot Gris dry and crisp, you may find this one quite different from your expecations. Full, rich and golden in color, Willm Alsace Pinot Gris 2011 offers a fruit-driven experience with hints of pear, peach and apricot and even honey. It’s sweeter and rounder than you might expect and comes from the northwest corner of France south of Strasbourg.

Willm Estate has been making wines since 1896 and in 1930, was the first Alsatian winery to export to the U.S. Aged in oak vats, this is one of Willm’s Vin d’Reserve premium wines, characterized by elegance and balance. Visit http://alsace-willm.com/i_gb_nc.htm.