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Everything’s rosé-y at Boston’s Mandarin Oriental

BOSTON – Summer is the season to explore new rosés and we did exactly that at a media tasting at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel here for food and lifestyle bloggers and even trade publications such as foodserviceeast.com!

The rosé served was an Aitzalde Txakoli from the Basque Country in Spain where the slopes of the vineyard go down to the Atlantic Ocean.The grapes are harvested by hand and the must is  fermented naturally, turning it into txakoli (pronounced chock-a-lee). After a long rest for several months, the resulting wine is aromatic and dry with high acidity.

This is a wine for rosé haters who think all rosés are sickly sweet. Not so! This slightly effervescent wine is poured from a Porron, a glass pitcher with a spout, so it’s poured from an elevated position to aerate the wine as it comes out of the bottle into the glass.

In the U.S., the wine is available from Scorpetta Importing – The Marchetti Company. It is the result of using 50 percent Hondarrabi  Zuri (white grapes) and 50 percent Hondarrabi Beltza (red).

At the tasting, servers stayed true to the Basque tradition, pouring from their pitchers at a distance which allowed a bit of bubbles. Guests feasted on fresh oysters and a platter of various veggies, served with their own tasty sauce for dipping.

As a sweet treat, Pastry Chef Robert Differ offered platters  of a wide variety of different cookies – a delicious ending to a delightful event.