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French distiller acquires Barbados distillery

BARBADOS  – Maison Ferrand, an award winning Cognac, Gin and Rum producer in the heart of Cognac, France, recently acquired the historic West Indies Rum Distillery here which has produced rum continually since the 19th century.

The French producer is owner of the Plantation rum brand with global distribution in 68 countries and the purchase marks the first distillery acquisition outside of France, signifying Maison Ferrand’s long term commitment to the quality production of Plantation rum.

Plantation Rum was first introduced in 2003 with goal of bringing rum to the same quality standards of the best Cognacs. Since then Maison Ferrand has been selecting, aging and blending rum from the best Caribbean distilleries for its award-winning Plantation Rum expressions. Barbados is the historical birthplace of rum making and its rum has been the backbone of Plantation vintage editions as well as its special blends.

“We are production guys and having our own distillery in the Caribbean has been a dream for many years,” says Alexandre Gabriel, proprietor of Maison Ferrand. “It is like getting married, we wanted to find a great match, one for life and we have found it in West Indies Rum Distillery and the exceptional rum makers there. The team there is as passionate as we are and we can’t wait to start producing delicious rum together.”

Maison Ferrand plans to tap back to the early roots of the historic distillery and its rich heritage. It has ancient pot stills, one that is may be the oldest in the Caribbean and has been dormant for almost 100 years. Alexandre Gabriel plans to bring those stills back to life, and as he says, ‘make them sing again.’ Additionally, The West Indies Rum Distillery aging warehouse is located right on the sea which imprints the rum with a specific style not found anywhere else, he notes.

The award-winning Plantation Rum portfolio includes rums from: Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, Panama, St. Lucia and Trinidad. For more information, visit www.plantationrum.com.