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Products on Parade – The Purse Perch

Customers with handbags. totes, and brief cases will find the Purse Perch the answer to what to do with those items without anxiety when dining out or sitting at a bar. Made in Mexico, The Purse Perch us  made of high-grade plastic  and high quality tubular steel, designed to hold 10 handbags, briefcases and hats. It’s 42 1/2 in. high and weighs just 3.2 lbs. but supports a weight of 100 lbs. plus.

It creates a comfort zone for diners, standing close by the table or booth to relieve concern for personal belongings in a public space. Freight costs are minimized by shipping the perch unconstructed, and assembly is easily done on receipt in a matter of minutes. Learn more about it at www.pursepurch.com.