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Wine of the Week – Vivanco Viura Tempranillo Blanco Maturana Blanca ’15

White wines are what we’ve been brought up to think of in the warm summer months and this one is an ideal option. Fruity and floral, it’s from Rioja. The grapes were 50% Viura, the main white varietal in this region, 35% Tempranillo Blanco and 15% Maturano Blanco, the oldest varietal in Rioja.

The bottle, with its distinctive shape, was inspired by an 18th century one now in the Vivanco Museum of the Culture of Wine. The museum  is well worth a visit in and of itself, along with the winery itself which has received numerous honors for this wine – among them, 91 points this year from Tim Atkins, 89 points in ’15 from Wine Spectator, and two Silver and one Gold Bacchus awards in 2012, ’14 and ’15 in the Bacchus International Wine Contest.

Sip it relaxing in the hammock, on a porch or at a backyard gathering. It’s designed for enjoyment and we expect you will find it worthy of a place on summer wine by the glass lists.