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Wine of the Week #2 – Radio Boca Tempranillo, 2013, Hammeken Cellars

This week calls for an additional wine – a red. It is Radio Boca Tempranillo, 2013 from Hammeken Cellars, a producer of beautiful and often elegant Spanish wines from two Danes who moved to Spain to chase their dreams and make wines in Valencia. Radio Boca Tempranillo is a playful wine that they describe as an “international collaboration between Danes, Spains, Americans and one plain jane.”

“Don’t settle for boring wines!” the winemakers declare. The Radio Boca brand is one with wines from vines that are 25 to 50 years old, grown on a mountainside for “altitude with attitude.” When you try Radio Boca, you “turn up the volume” of your personal radio, your voice, and tell others about the wines. Radio Boca Tempranillo is smooth and rich, 13 percent ABV. Perfect as a wine by the glass, it, like many of the wines we like a lot, offers value to both diners and restaurateurs. This year it was rated 90 points by Guia Penin. Go to www.hammekencellars.com.

Wine of the Week – Paul Chenau Blanc de Blancs Reserva Brut Cava

This rich, smooth and beautiful Spanish Cava from Paul Cheneau, who’s been producing sparkling wines since 1976, deserved a place on your wine rack or chilling in your fridge this holiday season as we prepare to celebrate with popping corks and bright sparkling wines. And Giro Ribot’s family has been producing Cava in the Penedes region for several generations. Paul Chenault’s wines bear French influences and are made traditionally with indigenous Macabeo, Xarello and Parellada grapes.

The wines are aged in the bottle for two years. The resulting light straw colored wines are toasty and velvety in the mouth with floral notes and hints of dried fruits and herbs. The resulting Cava is complex, well balanced and satisfying with 12% ABV. Visit www.

Wine of the Week – Lady of Spain, Paul Cheneau Cava

This beautiful creamy, toasty sparkler comes from Giro Ribot, a preeminent producer in Spain where the family owned and operated winery is located in the Appellation d’Origine Penédes. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the South and by Montserrat to the north. The French influence is reflected in its classical style. Lady of Spain is a tribute to fashionable women who popularized cava at the turn of the 20th century. The wine is 45 percent Macabeo, 40 percent Xarel-lo and 15 percent Parellada and is 12 percent abv. Visit www.pasternakwine.com.

Wine of the Week – Campo Viejo Rioja 2012

In the heart of Rioja, Campo Viejo offers an introduction to the world of Spanish wines in its beautiful vineyards on a plateau near Logroño. The bright, lively wines offer red fruit flavors from strawberry to raspberry and cherries. The soft wines pair well with pasta dishes, meats and veggies.
Dating to 1959 when the winery produced its first vintage, Campo Vieja has had a long tradition of innovation. Winemaker Elena Adell seeks to make wines that “add a special touch to any occasion,” she says.
Wine is part of the Spanish culture, and Campo Viejo became identified with Spain’s opening to the world as wine became central to the life of the country. In the ‘90’s appellations of origin were introduced and Campo Viejo kept evolving.
This is a wine for every day sipping, a wine by the glass or the bottle, representing value and quality to diner and restaurateur alike. Go to http://www.campoviejo.com to learn about how the winery became involved in sustainable practices in 2001 and became the first Spanish winery to certify its Carbon Footprint through AENOR in accordance with the ISO commitment to make its lands a place to enjoy for many generations to come. Sustainability, says Fernando Pozo, is “a daily part of how we do business.”