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What’s Brewin’ – Victory Brewing Moving Parts IPA

Victory Brewing likes to keep things fresh by mixing it up. This IPA uses new ideas and ingredients to offer freshness with new tweaks. It’s brewed with two-row German malts and whole flower hops from the U.S., UK and Germany.

Moving Parts IPA comes in 22 oz. bottles and is also available on draft. Brewers Biill Kovaleski and Ron Barchet actually met in fifth grade on the bus to their German school and have been life-long friends and colleagues, initially intrigued by a home-brewing kit and much later, after careers in other fields, starting their own brewery in 1996 after working in breweries in the Baltimore area. It’s been a long journey. They were one of the first to use whole flower hops and German malted barley. You’ll like this hoppy brew with 7.1% abc. Go to www.victorybeer.com