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Webinar on new chip card technology & EMV cards coming up

WASHINGTON – CORE Restaurant Marketing and emaginePOS, in partnership with Heartland Secure and Maryland Restaurant Consulting, will offer an important webinar on an upcoming EMV chip card technology transition this year and the looming partial liability shift coming in October. During the webinar,July 15 at 2PM EST, restaurateurs and foodservice executives will get a full breakdown of reasons to prepare for and execute the transition, including any technology upgrades and vendor management initiatives, without incurring undue financial burden.

 “EMV cards are the ones with the embedded microchip that makes them virtually impossible to clone and use for fraudulent transactions. If you don’t have one in your wallet yet, you will soon”, says Anthony Ventre, emaginePOS chief strategy officer. “So will most of your customers…. The problem is that there is a lot of misinformation out there – particularly about the cost of accepting EMV cards. There is plenty of low-cost EMV-compatible hardware on the market today and more coming. So operators should be wary of credit card processors and POS providers pushing expensive solutions”.

 The webinar will cover how EMV cards help protect customers and businesses and detail five steps restaurateurs can take now to start accepting EMV cards. Restaurateurs and foodservice executives will also learn five myths that that some credit card processing reps are promoting.

 “After listening to the webinar, restaurant leaders will have a better and more comprehensive understanding of the facts in order to make better business decisions and save money that can flow to the bottom line,” adds Joe Welsh, managing partner for CORE Restaurant Marketing. “This serves our goal of helping restaurants businesses grow — having highly meaningful information and data to increase revenue and profitability.”

 Register for the webinar at webinar.marylandrestaurantconsulting.com where you will more comprehensive information. A recorded playback will be available for qualified, registered restaurant owners and executives.