Looking ahead to flavors in favor in ’15

For 15 years now, McCormick has been predicting the flavors that chefs will favor in the upcoming year, and for 20145, iso;poking at global flavors that will be popular with tomorrow’s diners. The flavor specialist, McCormick trend trackers and technologists source highest quality ingredients from 40 countries around the globe. Explore recipes and more at http://www.mccormickcorporation.com or www.flavorsforecast.com

The eight trends McCormick predicts for 2015 are:
Sour + Salt- Combine salt with sour items such as pickles, spur cherry, dried mango for a lively bright and textured effect
Liquid Revolution- Fresh purees an juices blended with herbs and spices give an intense touch to sauces, dressings,pastas and more
Global Blends – Think Japanese 7 Spice – a combo of chilies, sesame, orange zest, nori and more
Flavor Worth the Wait! Recipes melding aromatic spices and comforting ingredients in slow-cooked dishes
Middle Eastern Meze – Dips and spreads with zesty herbs and seasonings
Cookies Reimagined -Spiced cookies take new forms, moving beyond the traditional ‘milk and cookies’
Smoked Spices – Smoke spices and herbs for deeper flavors and aromas to add rich touches to meats and beverages
Umami Vegetables — A new way to savor the ‘fifth taste’ with umami-rich veggies such as tomatoes sweet potatoes and nori.

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