Great NH Restaurants chef judges ProStart Competition

BEDFORD, NH – Chef Nicole Barreira of Great NH Restaurants served as a judge for the Rhode Island ProStart® Competition, a nationwide, two-year program for high school students that develops top talent into tomorrow’s restaurant industry leaders.

ProStart offers curriculum for culinary and management skills. Each state restaurant association partners with participating ProStart schools to compete to then advance to the National Restaurant Association ProStart Invitational where they represent their school and their state. The culinary competition highlights the creative abilities of each team through the preparation of a three-course meal in 60 minutes, using only two butane burners with no access to running water or electricity. There’s no room for error as they’re evaluated on taste, skill, teamwork, safety and sanitation. Scholarships are awarded at both the state and national competitions.

“Being a part of this powerful program for our young people is so inspiring,”Barreira declares. “The hospitality industry is a creative and energetic field and I encourage any young person to find out how rewarding a restaurant career can be.” In New Hampshire, Chef Nicole spearheaded her “Great NH Kids Can Cook” initiative, which teaches youngsters how to choose and then cook healthy foods at home, as part of Great NH Restaurants Charitable Trust,

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