What’s Brewin’ – Apricot Hefeweizen, Wasatch Beers

Wasatch Beers calls the Apricot Hefeweizen “perhaps the sexiest beer we have ever made,” describing the blend of apricot and wheat as “seductive.”
You’ll enjoy this fusion of interesting flavors from the brewers – Schirf Brewing Company – in Park City, UT where Greg Schirf moved after discovering it had no brewery of its own. Naturally, as a resident of Milwaukee, he set out to rectify that. He opened in 1986 and in ’89, opened a new company headquarters and Utah’s first brew pub at the top of Park City’s historic main street. He also proposed to the State Legislature that they make brew pubs legal. Today the state has more than 12.
Visitors to the brewery can take a tasting class to learn the variations in malt beverages from “easy breezy” to a 10% ABV Imperial Stout.
Join the voyage through this brewer’s award winning beers – you’ll enjoy the ride!

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