Wine of the Week -Blue Fish Original Dry Riesling 2014

Western Germany’s sunny Pfalz region is home to the Deutsches Weingor Coop, 400 family growers who’ve been making wines for more than 110 years. This lovely Riesling from Niederkirchener offers great balanced acidity, mineral notes and full-bodied fruity flavors  such a peach and lemon. The region ‘s growers seek to preserve a healthy environment, implementing complete soil analyses more than 10 years ago. They also implemented complete pheromone output over all vineyards to avoid chemical spraying against insects. This helps to protect what they call “useful creatures” in the vineyards. No GMOs are used. Fertilizer usage was reduced to protect ground water.

Blue Fish, they proudly note, is on the “TOP 100” list of imported brands in the US. It’s approachable and delicious. We were happy to discover dry Rieslings (as opposed to the more familiar sweet ones). These work well with Asian foods, seafood, sushi and creamy pasta dishes. This particular wine comes in a royal blue bottle with a handsome contemporary logo. It received Wine Enthusiast’s inclusion in the Top 200 Best Buys of 2014 and 89 points.

Blue Fish offers great value, silky, nutty and sunny, and would make a great wine by the glass, offering  value to diners and restaurants alike.


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