Wine of the Week – Tussock Jumper Pinot Noir

Wine of the Week – Tussock Jumper Pinot Noir


This French Pinot Noir two China Wine & Spirits awards (in 2016 and ’17) as well as a gold medal for Best Value Vine de France Selection in 2013 and 2016.

The grapes, says Tussock Jumper, is rooted in clay-limestone terraces in the south of France. It’s gestation begins with a cold pre-fermentation maceration and two weeks additional fermentation at controlled temperatures. “It takes six to nine months,” the winery says, before it becomes drinkable.

This Pinot Noir has hints of black cherry, raspberry, and vanilla.

The final product is dark with ruby tints and flavors of red and black berries mixed with floral notes. There are hints of wood and vanilla in this complex Pinot along with a nose of crushed black fruits and jam. Tussock Jumper calls it “plump” with “well-integrated tannins.”

The company doesn’t own wineries or vineyards but rather, selects “the best value for money wines” and “shares” them. Each bears a picture of an animal that comes from the company the wine is from, in this case, the boar. Each animal is pictured on the bottle in a red jumper, which Tussock Jumper calls “a seal of authenticity “ which is a guarantee, it says, that all possible has been done to offer the best quality and best tasting wine.

The company is Wineforces SARL in France. In the US, the wines are imported by TRI-VIN Imports, Inc. in New Rochelle, NY. Check it out at


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